Median Values Increasing in Carefree, Rio Verde, 85262

This is some good news from the Arizona Republic. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you live in one of these areas you should be expecting the value of your home to start going up – there are still foreclosures and short sales occurring in these markets, like everywhere else – but it means people are buying more higher priced homes. I can’t agree with Bob Bullick who “warns” that, “buyers cannot be assured that prices will continue to decline”. Whether they do or do not, when prices finally start to go back up it will be by marginal increments and over a long period of time. Hopefully he’s not insinuating that people should be rushing out to buy houses today because they could be more expensive tomorrow – I don’t think anyone in the public would be foolish enough to fall for that these days. Overall good analysis of the market in the north part of the valley in this article though.

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